Seniors & the Younger Generation: Why They Should Stay Connected

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Seniors may not be able to physically return to their youth, but they can benefit in many ways from spending time with people of all different ages. Naples caregivers discuss a few reasons why your el-derly loved one should make an effort to stay connected with the younger generation.

Reduces Isolation

Some seniors face health-related challenges that limit their opportunities to engage with others. Isolation can lead to depression and even exacerbate their physical symptoms. Interacting with young people can provide a renewed sense of purpose and energy that helps your loved one overcome the mental and physical effects of his or her condition.

Maintains Cognitive Function

A broad social circle of friends and consistent contact with others provides the brain with the stimulation it needs to stay sharp. Interactions between generations are a wonderful opportunity for the sharing and learning of new skills. For example, a young person can challenge your loved one by teaching him or her how to operate a new piece of technology. Your loved one can then return the favor by teaching the young person an important life skill like cooking or gardening.

Aids in Recovery

Interacting with children can serve as a form of physical and occupational therapy for seniors recovering from a serious illness. For example, reading to a young child can help your loved one regain language skills following a stroke. Playing with blocks or helping a child dress a doll can even increase coordination and manual dexterity in seniors with Parkinson’s.

Creates a Legacy

As we get older, it is common to start thinking about the legacy we will leave behind. We all want to know our time on this earth will be remembered. One way your loved one can make an impact is by sharing his or her history, heritage, and culture with a young person. For example, your loved one can work with the young person to create a scrapbook of family photos and stories that can be passed down through future generations. The young person could also act as a journalist and interview your loved one about his or her experiences during key historical events.

The desire for companionship knows no age. If your loved one needs more social interaction and mental stimulation in life, or if he or she needs help managing an illness, turn to Home Care Assistance. Our expertly trained caregivers make wonderful companions and can assist with a wide array of everyday tasks. To learn more about elder home care Naples seniors can rely on, call one of our friendly Client Case Managers at (239) 449-4701 to schedule a free in-home consultation.


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