Supporting a Parent while Grieving Yourself

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Helping an Elder Grieve

Do you have an elderly parent who is coping with the loss of a spouse? As a leading provider of home care in Naples, we have worked with families who are dealing with loss and want to provide support, assistance and guidance during this difficult time. More often than not, adult children will often attempt to put their own grief aside so that they can be strong for their grieving parent. However, this is not always the best solution. Today, we’re going to share some ways to support your parent, and yourself as well.

The loss of a spouse is one of life’s most traumatic and stressful experiences. It can take a year or more for the grieving period to subside. During this time period, individuals often experience symptoms such as a loss of appetite, lack of sleep, and difficulty concentrating. To ensure that your loved one is still maintaining his or her health and wellness, look into programs that can help with daily tasks. Meal services like Meals on Wheels can ensure that regular meals are being provided, and Naples hourly home care services can also help with household chores, personal care and other activities your loved one may be neglecting.

It is also important to try to spend as much time with your parent as possible. See if they’re interested in activities that they normally enjoy, whether that’s going window shopping at the mall or catching the newest flick at the movie theater. If they can stay busy while doing things that they enjoy, they will be much more likely to recover quickly. Plus, spending time with them during this time can be a bonding experience that is beneficial to both of your grieving processes.

In some cases, it is difficult for bereaved people to escape from the black hole of loss. Extended grieving can lead to clinical depression. If your parent has shown no signs of improvement after a significant period of time, contact a reputable medical professional. They may be able to offer other suggestions for activities, recommend support groups, or can prescribe medication that will improve his or her mood.

If you have begun spending more time with your loved one to help with the grieving process, it’s natural to feel exhausted and overwhelmed. This is where we can help. Home Care Assistance of Naples is a leading provider of home care that is here to assist both you and your parent during this extraordinarily challenging time. Our highly trained and compassionate caregivers can provide companionship to your loved one, giving them someone to talk to and engage with on a regular basis.

Finally, because our caregivers can also assist with personal care, light housekeeping, transportation and medication reminders, you can rest assured they’re safe and in caring hands, allowing you to take a break and spend some time to yourself, so that you can grieve as well. To learn more about our in-home caregivers or to simply have a conversation with a friendly Care Manager, call 239-449-4701 today.


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