Support Groups for Seniors with Alzheimer’s

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Support Groups for Seniors with Alzheimer’s

While people are familiar with the benefits of support groups for family caregivers, many overlook their importance for those living with advanced conditions such as Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s, often characterized by extreme memory loss and forgetfulness, also causes feelings of fear, anxiety and even depression for those living with the disease. Studies are now showing that when participation in support groups begins during the early stages of Alzheimer’s, symptoms of the disease are better managed and overall cognitive decline is delayed.

In the early stages of the disease, some individuals understand the cognitive changes they are experiencing and are aware of their increased forgetfulness. This awareness can often lead to feelings of stress, frustration and sadness, and in some cases, the senior feels as if they are a burden on their close family and friends who are helping with their care at home. Active participation in a support group is a great way to relate to others in similar situations. Being able to talk openly about fears can help reduce related feelings of stress and anxiety and promote overall outlook.

Having a support group for an Alzheimer’s patient is also a way to help rebuild self-esteem and confidence as the disease progresses. By connecting with other patients in various stages of the disease, seniors often feel less alone in their battle. If your aging parent or loved one is beginning to struggle with daily activities such as cooking, cleaning and light housekeeping, it may also be a good idea to enlist in the help of an hourly caregiver in Naples. These individuals can assist with daily chores while promoting independence and safety.

Finally, continuing to maintain social ties and relationships as much as possible can help to delay the symptoms and side effects of the disease. By meeting and learning about new people during support group meetings, seniors are actively pushing their brains to continue learning as much as possible. While there is no cure for Alzheimer’s, simple social activities like these can help to promote overall cognitive vitality and functioning.

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