High Quality Stroke Care Naples Families Trust

When an aging loved one survives a stroke, family members often face difficult decisions regarding temporary and permanent care needs. Even the most loving and devoted families find themselves unprepared or unequipped to provide the level of stroke care needed to ensure their loved one’s safety and comfort at home. That’s where we come in. Home Care Assistance is a leader in stroke home care, providing thousands of families with a viable care solution when none are apparent. With the support of our highly qualified and compassionate stroke caregivers, you can rest assured that your aging loved one is receiving the compassionate and high quality care they need and deserve, in the familiar environment of home.

Our Revolutionary Approach to Care for Stroke Survivors

We believe in respecting the personal goals of stroke survivors and encouraging individuals to maintain their highest level of independence. We take a holistic approach to care and focus on five areas to help promote physical, cognitive and emotional well being for stroke survivors:

  1. Healthy Diet – Providing a stroke survivor with prepared meals, mealtime assistance and encouragement can help to alleviate post-stroke concerns such as malnutrition and weight loss. Our caregivers receive extensive training in how to prepare delicious and nutritious meals, and can offer feeding assistance to ensure that those who have difficulty swallowing or chewing continue to meet their dietary needs.
  2. Physical Activity – We are trusted by the medical and senior community and will work closely with your loved one’s physical and occupational therapist to create a custom care plan that encourages continued physical activity. With the physical support and encouragement of a highly trained stroke caregiver, seniors can continue participating in their favorite activities, increasing strength, endurance and sensorimotor skills for an enhanced recovery period.
  1. Sharp Minds – Because a stroke has a direct impact on the brain, our caregivers encourage stroke survivors to participate in activities such as puzzles, reading activities, board games or a favorite hobby. They also engage seniors in conversation in every visit, stimulating the brain to help improve mental health status.
  2. Social Ties – Caregivers receive training in how to effectively navigate communication barriers often present following a stroke. In your absence, you can rest assured a compassionate and experienced caregiver is able to provide your loved one with companionship, creating a healthy relationship to combat feelings of depression, boredom and isolation.
  3. Calmness and Purpose – Life becomes meaningless without a sense of purpose. Our caregivers promote independence for stroke survivors, reminding them of their abilities and providing the support needed to continue with regular routines and activities of daily living.

Help is Just a Phone Call Away

If you are struggling to meet a stroke survivor’s ongoing needs, contact Home Care Assistance of Naples. We are available 24/7 and our devoted Care Managers are available to meet with you in person, discuss your family’s situation and develop a custom plan of care. We never charge a fee for a consultation, and there are no contract requirements to initiate our services. Getting started is easy. Simply dial (239) 449-4701 and take the first step toward peace of mind today.