Storytelling Soothes Seniors with Dementia

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Storytelling Soothes Seniors with Dementia

An innovative technique designed to help seniors relax and explore their imaginations is being used in dementia therapy sessions across the nation. “TimeSlips” is an approach that was developed by a university instructor that eliminates the pressure for older adults to remember real past events, and allows them to work together to create a new story. Today, Home Care Assistance of Naples, FL is going to share some information about TimeSlips and storytelling at home so that families can help boost cognition for their aging loved ones.


Seniors suffering from dementia often become isolated as the communication lines between friends and family begin to unravel. The TimeSlips technique is being used in memory care facilities and in group therapy to encourage participants with dementia to use their imagination and work together to create a fictional tale. The group is shown a picture at the beginning of the session, and the members are given a turn to add to the story until a full tale is spun.

Communal Connections

The act of storytelling is a great way for individuals with dementia to pull away from increasing isolation and form new bonds within the group. During the activity, a specially trained therapist guides the story making process with open-ended questions and records the unfolding tale. The group sessions are held weekly and last about an hour, and allow the participants to interact and have fun.

Family Caregivers Encourage Storytelling Too

An elderly individual with dementia doesn’t need to be in a specialized program to reap the benefits from storytelling. Family caregivers who follow a few simple steps can enjoy the fun activity at home with their loved one. The process is easy and can be duplicated by completing the following tasks:

  1. Find an interesting photo without a person familiar to the individual.
  2. Start by asking thought-provoking questions.
  3. Accept any response, even if it is not understood.
  4. Repeat the response for confirmation.
  5. Write down the story, and read it aloud.

The activity is engaging for seniors and older adults and can help keep the mind and brain engaged as much as possible.

Dementia Care at Home

If you have an aging parent or loved one who is living with dementia, learn more about Naples dementia care from Home Care Assistance. Our highly trained and compassionate caregivers can not only help with daily tasks and personal care, but act as companions and engage their clients in conversation, promote storytelling activities and encourage participation in our revolutionary Cognitive Therapeutics Method which was designed specifically to help promote mental acuity and cognitive vitality for seniors.

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