Senior Fitness: How to Get Started Safely

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Senior Fitness: How to Get Started Safely

Staying active becomes difficult with age. Reduced mobility and changes in abilities and lifestyles can work against a senior adult looking to get into better shape. Fortunately, with a fair bit of effort and a certain amount of caution, seniors looking to develop a fitness routine can do so by following the below guidelines.

Evaluate Current Abilities

Seniors and older adults looking to start a new regimen should understand their limitations as the addition of physical activity increases the risk of possible injury. Each individual will have a different level of potential and ability and should speak with their doctor or primary care physician before beginning activities that are too strenuous. The doctor will be able to recommend certain exercises and can also provide advice on how to carry them out safely.

Seek Support Services

Dietary needs should also be considered as one must maintain the energy needed for a given activity. Working with a dietician or geriatric care professional can help ensure the senior has a complete understanding of his or her starting point in regards to physical fitness and diet and that a plan is created that is customized to the senior’s individual needs. Seniors may also want to consider help from a family member or in-home caregiver in Naples who can ensure that all exercises and activities are performed correctly and safely.

Set Realistic Goals

The key to physical fitness is a balance of intake and exertion. Fitness goals should be set in accordance with this concept to allow for safe progress and all physical exertion should be tailored to the individual. Water aerobics is a popular starting activity to introduce seniors to a more active life style. With the water to reduce stress on the body, specific parts may receive individual focus to allow for a more detailed fitness regimen. Ankle and wrist weights provide incremental steps in strength and endurance building for those that are more mobile.

Every life change requires effort. Working in a group or with professionals can provide that extra support needed to adhere to a new dietary or fitness plan. The most important thing to remember is setting achievable goals designed for the needs of the individual.

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