What Causes Senior Balance Problems?

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What Causes Senior Balance Problems?

Balance problems are frequently associated with the normal aging process, and many seniors begin to compensate for their lack of balance without trying to identify the cause. Yet, many of the most common causes of balance problems can be prevented or treated if they are recognized early.

  • Inner Ear ProblemsEar infections, upper respiratory illnesses and fluid accumulation are all uncomfortable conditions of the inner ear that can lead to feelings of vertigo and dizziness. Often, the first sign of an inner ear problem is a lack of balance. Seniors can prevent these problems by having small infections treated early on staying on top of the recommended immunizations.
  • High Blood Pressure – Dizziness is a common symptom of high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. Seniors who follow a heart-healthy diet that is low in sodium are more likely to avoid losing their sense of balance. Additionally, maintaining a healthy weight and exercising can prevent cardiovascular-related balance loss. For seniors who are unable to perform exercises safely without assistance, consider help from trained in-home caregivers in Naples who can assist while promoting maximum safety.
  • Medication Side Effects – Both prescription and over-the-counter medications can cause dizziness and decreased motor skills. While most will have these symptoms listed on their label as side effects, it is common for them to be overlooked. Medications used to lower blood pressure, treat colds and some antibiotics are well-known for their negative effects on balance. Seniors who find that a specific medication decreases their balance should discuss the issue with their physician, and it may be necessary to take additional precautions for safety until the medication round is complete.
  • Lack of Activity – When it comes to any motor skill, consistent use and practice is important for maintaining ease of movement. Senior adults who have been bedridden or who live a sedentary lifestyle may find that their sense of balance declines. To combat this, a senior can begin an exercise program that focuses on improving balance such as yoga or tai chi. Then, they can build their balance up while reducing the risk of falls.

If your aging parent, grandparent or loved one has trouble with balance, it’s important to provide them with the support systems they need to remain safe and independent at home. Visit our website at www.homecareassistancenaples.com or contact a Care Manager at 239-449-4701 and find out how a professional, reliable and compassionate caregiver can help promote safety and quality of life for your loved one.


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