5 Ways Your Aging Parents Can Keep Their Romance Burning

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Burning Romance of Seniors in Naples, FL

Couples who have been together for decades have much to gain from maintaining a healthy romantic relationship well into the senior years. Naples elder care professionals have a few suggestions that may help your elderly parents keep their romance burning.

1. Learn New Activities Together

Instead of delving deeper into their own private hobbies, your parents might want to spend some time learning new skills together. Options such as dance and cooking classes are exciting, intimate, and a great way to spend extra time with each other. If your parents can’t agree on a new activity, they should take turns going back and forth picking out new hobbies to try.

2. Don’t Avoid Disagreements

Couples often make the mistake of completely avoiding disagreements to keep the peace. This is especially common among senior couples who might believe arguments are no longer worth their time or energy. Though your parents don’t need to focus on winning arguments, they must still take the time to work through their negative emotions. Bottling these feelings up is only going to impact every other aspect of their relationship, including intimacy. 

3. Enjoy Physical Contact

Human contact is extremely important in the golden years, and it can actually alter the way people think and feel. Not only should your parents touch each other intimately, but they should also try to show other physical signs of affection throughout the day. Small gestures such as a quick kiss or holding hands can have a tremendous impact on a relationship. 

4. Be More Vocal with Each Other

Taking a spouse for granted is a common problem for many couples. Everyone loves to receive compliments, but very few people make a point of saying nice things right when they feel them. If your parents are having a tough time communicating verbally, they may want to try writing notes or letters to let each other know how they feel. 

5. Set Aside Quality Time

There is a significant difference between spending quality time with each other and simply sitting in a room together. Seniors must go out of their way to ensure they are enjoying their relationship with their spouse. Whether this means taking a daily walk around the block or making dinner together each night, your parents must set aside time exclusively meant for cherishing each other.

Encouraging your parents to spend a night out together for a romantic dinner or other event can provide a wonderful boost to their emotional wellbeing. For additional suggestions to help seniors lead happier and healthier lives, reach out to Home Care Assistance, a leading provider of respite and 24-hour care. Naples seniors trust in our compassionate caregivers to provide transportation, assist with mobility, and help with tasks like cooking, bathing, and grooming. Call (239) 449-4701 today to learn more.


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