The Real Costs of Hiring a Private Caregiver

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The Real Costs of Hiring a Private Caregiver

When your parent or loved one needs extra care, a home care worker can be the perfect choice. They can provide you with the extra assistance you need without the high cost of a nursing home. While it’s tempting to hire a private, unlicensed caregiver who offers a lower hourly rate, there are other potential costs that should be taken into account. Before you decide between a caregiver from a Florida-licensed agency and an individual that lives right around the corner, here is some information you should consider.

  1. The Protection of a License
    A licensed caregiver typically costs a little more because they’ve invested in proper training and are registered with the state. If they commit a crime against a client, such as any type of abuse or exploitation, they can lose their license and their livelihood. When a caregiver isn’t licensed, they can apply at another position without the facts of their past crimes coming to light. It’s not worth the savings to put your loved one at risk with a person who may or may not be qualified and willing to provide a high level of care.
  2. Peace of Mind with Insurance
    Agencies insure their caregivers to protect their clients. Caregivers move throughout a client’s home performing tasks, and there’s always the chance that they may sustain an injury through lifting or while addressing household tasks. When the caregiver is licensed through a reputable home care agency in Naples, their medical fees will be covered by that agency. Without the insurance, you could be responsible for their medical bills, lost wages and more. Protect yourself by ensuring that anyone working in your home is insured.
  3. Continuity of Care & Scheduling
    It’s also important to consider what you’ll do if the caregiver is unable to work for any reason. If he or she has a sick child at home or wants to take a vacation, then you’ll have to pay someone else to come in and handle the respite care. This incurs a fresh cost as you search for the right person, perform an additional background check and spend time training them. With an agency, the company will have someone ready to stop in and fill the void when a caregiver needs a few days off or an emergency situation arises. Rather than wasting your valuable time trying to deal with the situation, you can enjoy your regular schedule knowing that your elderly parent, grandparent or loved one will receive the same high level of care.

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