Helping a Loved One Overcome Feelings of Regret

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Helping a Loved One Overcome Feelings of Regret

The golden years are a time of deep reflection when many seniors look back on their lives and view their past experiences in a new light. While this type of reflection can lead to reliving beautiful memories, it can also sometimes result in feelings of regret. If your loved one is currently coping with regrets regarding events in their personal history, here are a few ways to help them overcome these feelings so that they can look back on their life with acceptance.

Highlight Accomplishments

It is unfortunate, but negative events often stick out in a person’s mind more than the things that went right. When your loved one begins to ruminate upon their mistakes, it can be helpful to provide gentle reminders of their accomplishments. For example, a senior who feels as though they spent too much time at work and neglected their family can be reminded of family vacations and other special events that are cherished memories for their loved ones.

Find Solutions for Past Mistakes

While it may not be possible to rewrite history, many common regrets can be eased by finding new ways to correct past mistakes. Those who wish they had attended college may find that taking a class in their field of interest helps them to overcome their need for educational accomplishment. Alternatively, someone who regrets not pursuing their passion in life could take up a new hobby. When attempting to find solutions, be careful not to push the senior to correct their past mistakes because this could reinforce the regret. Instead, gently guide them toward opportunities that can enable them to achieve personal growth and acceptance.

Use Multiple Sources of Support

When your loved one struggles with regret that cannot be eased by making simple life changes, then it may be necessary to seek out additional support. Those who belong to a church or religious organization may benefit from speaking to a member of their clergy. Additionally, professional therapists and support groups can offer additional resources for overcoming regrets. Finally, surround your loved one with caring friends, family members and professional caregiving companions in Naples who can help them to maintain a positive outlook that will carry them through the rest of their golden years.

Make sure an aging parent or loved one’s feelings of regret don’t grow into more serious condition such as depression, a feeling that is common among the aging population. If you are unable to spend as much time with your aging mother, father or grandparent as you would like, or if you live out of state and cannot visit regularly, contact Home Care Assistance at 239-449-4701 today. Learn how our professional and compassionate Naples live-in caregivers are helping seniors regain their sense of purpose, independence and dignity in their golden years.


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