Best 2015 Summer Movies for the Elderly

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3 Movies for Seniors to Watch This Summer

For seniors, summer is the ideal season for going to the movies, offering a couple hours of entertainment, as well as a respite from the heat. For a fun evening out, help your loved one sneak in a bag of healthy treats and bottles of water in a big purse and relax in a comfy seat for a new release. Presented by a leading provider of senior home care in Naples, FL, check out 3 of this summer’s best films for seniors.

1. I’ll See You in My Dreams
Give your loved one someone to laugh with by asking a family member or part-time caregiver in Naples to tag along to this comedy-drama about a woman named Carol. A former teacher and singer, Carol is a widow of 20 years and has since established a routine of golf, bridge, friendship, family, and wine. But when Carol’s golden retriever dies, things begin to change. With the support of three loyal gal pals, in this funny adventure Carol decides to pursue male friendship and love, realizing that life can be wonderful during the golden years.

2. Infinitely Polar Bear
Based on a true story of a man named Cameron who has bipolar disorder, this film is a mixture of humor and drama. After going through rehab for an emotional breakdown, Cameron wants to rebuild his relationship with his wife Maggie and their two daughters. As Maggie begins attending business school during the week, Cameron struggles through the day-to-day routine of a stay-at-home dad with bipolar disorder. While this film portrays the harsh reality of life with mental illness, your loved one will enjoy the wonderful acting and the message that strong family love can overcome all.

3. Inside Out
This touching animated film explores  personified emotions in the mind of an 11-year-old girl named Riley. When Riley’s family relocates to a new city, her emotions get cracking, trying to ease her through the transition. Offering a lively interpretation of how emotions work, as well as how a young girl sees the world, the film is interesting for viewers of all ages. If your loved one is a grandparent, he or she may enjoy sharing this movie that has important messages about friendship, family, and honesty, with his or her grandchildren.

Help your loved one get out of the summer heat by encouraging him or her to see a movie. With the comfortable seating and climate control, a movie theater is a great place for your elderly loved one to relax during the summer. If physical challenges make it difficult for your loved one to go to the theater by his or herself, an hourly or 24/7 caregiver in Naples can provide mobility assistance and transportation. Learn more about how the professional care services at Home Care Assistance of Naples can benefit your loved one by calling a Care Manager at 239.449.4701 and scheduling a complimentary no-obligation consultation.


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