iTraq Helps Ensure Safety of Seniors with Alzheimer’s Disease

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iTraq and Alzheimers Wandering Prevention

When people go missing, they generally wish to be found. Hikers wish to find civilization, and children who get separated from their parents wish to find security once more. Yet, when seniors with Alzheimer’s go missing, they may not make the conscious realization that they are lost. They often think that everything is normal, which means finding such a person is much more difficult.

While technology has come a long way in regards to keeping Alzheimer’s patients safe, a new product, iTraq, aims to make finding seniors with Alzheimer’s significantly easier. It may be even prevent a senior loved one with Alzheimer’s from wandering off or getting lost in the first place. Home Care Assistance, a trusted Naples senior care provider, shares what you need to know about iTraq and Alzheimer’s care.

About iTraq

iTraq was originally developed to help locate everything from mishandled luggage to pets that may have lost their way. While most tracking devices rely on GPS, iTraw uses triangulation and cellphone towers, which make it both a cost-efficient and effective approach to find a tracked item or person in populated areas.

iTraq for Families of Seniors with Alzheimer’s

Given its relatively lower cost versus other tech solutions, iTraq is perfect for families trying to keep loved ones safe, even when they’re prone to getting lost. A single iTraq device is priced at $49, and is capable of lasting up to three years on a single charge. iTraq can further be configured to send alerts when a person strays from a predetermined area or when the device itself is queried, providing even more benefits and safety features.

iTraq’s Growing Usefulness

iTraq may be just what families need to keep their loved ones safe from the dangers that wandering can bring. It provides a reasonable and reliable way to locate loved ones with Alzheimer’s, which may make it one of the most important technological innovations for keeping aging loved ones with the disease safe.

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