Discussing In-Home Care with Your Senior Loved One

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Discussing Home Care with Your Loved One in Naples, FL

For seniors used to living healthy and active lives, the thought of receiving in-home care can mean a loss of valued independence, but an informative conversation can help keep your loved one’s mind open. When approaching the subject of home care, it is important to be mindful of his or her feelings and unique needs. Here are some tips to help make the -conversation go smoother, brought to you by the Naples senior home care experts at Home Care Assistance.

Explain the Benefits of In-Home Care

Many seniors have lived in their homes for decades, and leaving the familiar surroundings can be frightening. One of the chief advantages of home care is that your loved one can receive help in the comfort of his or her home. Caregivers can offer companionship, assist with grocery shopping, and help with bathing and dressing, amongst other tasks. No matter what it is your loved one needs help with, he or shecan maintain a sense of independence while receiving proper care.

Use a Conversational Approach

Engage your loved one in discussion, share what you’ve observed about him or her, and ask for his or her opinion on the matter. If he or she acknowledges things aren’t quite like they used to be, consider the solution together. This may be the perfect opportunity to bring up the option of home care.

Handle Resistance Calmly

Not every elderly person is instantly receptive to the idea of home care. If your loved one denies there is a problem, calmly support your case using specific examples. These could include unpaid bills, spoiled food in the refrigerator, or a recent injury or fall. If he or she still resists the idea of in-home care after a calm discussion, save the conversation for another day.

Be Respectful

Using patronizing speech or baby talk will put elderly adults on the defensive and conveys a lack of respect. Use compassion and think of how you would feel if placed in the same situation. This way, your loved one will be certain you have his or her best interests in mind.

Though some seniors may fear receiving in-home care will sacrifice their independence, a caregiver’s assistance can actually promote independent living in many cases. For trusted hourly and live-in care in Naples, turn to Home Care Assistance. We offer a wide array of customizable care plans to suit your loved one’s needs, and all services come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. To learn more about these services, call one of our qualified Care Managers today at (239) 449-4701 and schedule a free in-home consultation.


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