Encouraging an Aging Loved One to Utilize Technology

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Encouraging an Aging Loved One to Utilize Technology

Technology is bringing families and friends closer together through enhanced communication that can be utilized by people of all ages and abilities. While younger generations tend to embrace new forms of technology without a thought, older adults may need some encouragement to take advantage of the many ways in which they can connect with their loved ones.

Commonly Used Communication Technology

As a leading provider of live-in care in Naples, we believe technology can be a great way to combat isolation among seniors and many forms of technology can act as learning and entertainment platforms. Seniors should explore the different types of technology that are available for communication so that they can find the one with which they are most comfortable. Here are some ideas to help get your aging loved one started:

  • Text messaging
  • Video phone calls
  • Social media sites
  • Augmented hearing devices
  • Email
  • Instant messaging
  • Smartphones
  • Video game consoles

Encouraging Senior Use of Technology

At first, many seniors may be apprehensive about working with new technology; however, today’s intuitive devices make it easy for anyone to pick one up and start communicating. Begin by showing your aging loved one the basic functions of their device, and use it to connect with a friend or family member. Getting younger members of the family involved in the lesson can also help to build family bonds.

If a senior is concerned about privacy or scams, show them how to use a password and differentiate between a true message and spam. Then, use the technology to send regular updates, video messages and check-in calls so that they are encouraged to continue using it to communicate. Technology can also be utilized by those who are bedbound, or for those who require dementia or Alzheimer’s care in Naples because it can be enjoyed from the comfort and safety of home.

As a senior adult adjusts to using one type of technology, go ahead and introduce more ways in which they can socialize with others. From YouTube videos to Skype phone calls and collaborative video game sessions, the options are endless for helping an older adult enjoy spending time with their loved ones with the assistance of the latest technology.

Technology is a great way to help a senior stay engaged with people and the world around them, promoting cognitive functioning and enhancing overall mood. If you are concerned that technology may not be enough to keep your aging loved one engaged, consider a home companion or caregiver from a trusted home care agency in Naples such as Home Care Assistance. Learn more about our companion services by calling 239-449-4701. A devoted Care Manager will be more than happy to answer questions and can help you schedule a free in-home consultation.


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