Benefits of Going to a Geriatric Specialist

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Benefits of Going to a Geriatric Specialist

As a leading provider of 24 hour senior care in Naples, we know that preventive care and regular doctor visits become more important with age. If you care for an aging loved one who is older than 65, you may want to encourage them to see a geriatric specialist. This type of doctor provides primary care with a specific focus on the aging population, and may have insight into the age-specific health issues that your loved one faces. Geriatric specialists are not only board certified in family medicine, but also hold an additional certificate in geriatrics.

If your loved one already has a strong relationship with a primary care physician, in most cases it makes sense to maintain that relationship. However, you may consider a geriatric specialist for your family member if he or she is looking for a new doctor and has health problems related to age, or if he or she is living with a complicated medical situation such as a chronic condition and/or mental illness. A geriatric specialist can also be a key part of your loved one’s medical team if you or other family members are overwhelmed by your loved one’s care needs.

Even if your loved one is still relatively healthy, a geriatric specialist can help develop a plan for healthy aging that specifically helps them remain independent for as long as possible. These doctors have a great deal of experience in evaluating whether a senior is able to maintain a healthy, independent lifestyle, and whether additional services are needed to make this a reality. Geriatric specialists typically work as part of a holistic care team that includes Naples home care agencies, nutritionists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, pharmacists, and geriatric psychiatrists, meaning that your loved one will have access to all the types of care that he or she requires to stay healthy.

To learn more about how to promote health and happiness for your aging loved one, reach out to Home Care Assistance of Naples. It is our goal to help change the way the world ages, and we work with local doctors, senior care specialists and senior living communities to ensure comprehensive care for the clients we serve. Call (239) 449-4701 and schedule a complimentary in-home consultation with a Care Manager today.


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