Myths about Exercising and Aging

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Myths about Exercising and Aging

People often joke about being too old to do certain things, but you never outgrow the need to exercise. Unfortunately, many people are discouraged from exercising because of certain myths regarding exercise and aging. And with the New Year in full swing, we thought it was time seniors and their families knew the truth about exercising with age and why it’s so important.

Myth 1: The Decline of Old Age is Inevitable
It’s true that the human body declines with age, but that doesn’t mean that exercise won’t help. In fact, there are people in their 70s, 80s, and even 90s who are still lifting weights and running marathons. There is a wealth of evidence showing that regular exercise improves physical health, can aid in memory and even reduce the risk for dementia and Alzheimer’s care later in life.

Myth 2: Doctors Won’t Approve of Exercises
It is wise to check with your doctor before starting any exercise plan if you have a serious medical condition. They can point you in the direction of which exercises are best suited for your needs, however there are very few cases when they will say that exercise is not beneficial. During an exercise regimen, it is important that seniors start slowly and listen to their body to avoid overdoing the workouts.

Myth 3: Too Sick to Work Out
People avoid the gym because of twinges in their back or because they’ve got a slight headache. The irony is that working out can actually help alleviate these symptoms. As muscles strengthen, small aches and pains will become more manageable. Seniors should start with low impact exercises such as yoga and tai chi. If possible, make working out a social event and involve friends, family or even a professional caregiver in Naples. The companionship of a exercise partner can provide fun and additional motivation.

Myth 4: Exercise is Dangerous for Seniors
As people age, it’s normal to worry about falling. However, exercising makes it less likely that you’ll fall and e hurt. It builds strength, agility and balance. In addition to making falls less likely, exercising regularly also improves bone strength and health, so you can heal from accidents more quickly.

If you or your aging loved one have made fitness a resolution for 2014, know that it’s never too late to start exercising! Whether you take regular walks around the block, work out in your basement or make frequent trips to the local recreation center, following a regular exercise plan will help you improve your health and feel better at any age.

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