Ways to Encourage Your Aging Loved One to Exercise

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Ways to Encourage Your Aging Loved One to Exercise

Although your aging loved one may know that regular exercise is necessary for staying healthy, they may find it hard to stay motivated. Chronic pain, joint stiffness and other physical ailments may make exercise uncomfortable for some aging adults. Others may struggle with a lack of interest in their exercise routine. Whatever the reason, Home Care Assistance Naples offers the most effective ways to encourage your aging one to overcome these motivational challenges, allowing them to get the exercise they need to maintain optimal health.

    • Consider Classes for Aging Adults
      Adding a social element to your parent or loved one’s exercise routine can alleviate feelings of loneliness and depression. Local gyms and senior centers often hold group classes, designed specifically for older adults, focusing on exercises that match abilities and even some that can be therapeutic for age-related conditions such as arthritis. This is also a great way to ease a senior into a workout routine, minimizing feelings of anxiety as they are in a class with their peers.


    • Try a Walk with a Companion
      Those who are unable or uninterested in attending group classes may find that an in-home companion will provide them with a sense of obligation to stay active. Walks, chair exercises and simple stretches can all be made more enjoyable by spending time with a conversational partner.


    • Create a Safe Environment
      Often, an aging adult may have fears that can interfere with their motivation to stay active. If your loved one has experienced a loss of balance that may have left them afraid of falling, then make sure the environment is set up to provide the right types of support. Mobility devices, hand rails and ramps can all make it easier for your loved one to stay active without worrying about potential injuries.


Staying active is essential for your loved one’s health, and exercise is a proven way to avoid illness and injury while ensuring a better recovery from common health conditions. By identifying your loved one’s reasons for avoiding exercise and taking the appropriate steps to correct each one, you can keep your aging parent or loved one healthy through regular physical activity. Click here to learn more about how an hourly caregiver can provide your aging loved one with invaluable support and encouragement to promote daily exercise!


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