Senior Fitness: The Emotional Benefits Of Exercise

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Emotional Benefits of Senior Exercise

As a leading provider of Naples in-home care, keeping seniors active is a vital part of preserving mobility and overall physical health. It is important to note, however, that routine exercise also provides a wealth of emotional benefits. Exercise can be as simple as taking regular walks, performing a series of low-impact activities in the living room, or going for a swim. Following are several advantages that aging adults can gain by simply getting up and getting active.

“Feel-Good” Chemicals

Exercising results in the release of powerful, “feel good” chemicals called endorphins into the body. These chemicals naturally elevate the mood. For aging adults with Parksinon’s disease (PD), exercise is especially important as it can stimulate natural dopamine and seratonin production. This is great for staving off depression and anxiety and it can even assist in the control of PD symptoms. Click here for more information about senior Parkinson’s care.

Building Confidence

As mobility and mental cognition start to decline, confidence can begin to wane as well. Activities like Tai Chi, modified yoga, water ballet and swimming can make seniors feel both capable and accomplished. Regular exercise can promote better balance, improved coordination and a greater range of flexibility. As these positive changes occur, self-confidence will invariably increase.

Stimulate a Healthy Appetite

Dopamine plays an important role in triggering feelings of hunger. Seniors who experience marked weight loss within a very nominal amount of time, may not have sufficient dopamine for triggering hunger. It is difficult to eat if you always feel full. The “feel good” chemicals that the body releases during exercise will not only help seniors feel more content, but they can also stimulate a robust appetite. This will make it easier for seniors to get the nutrients they need for optimal functioning.

Promote Deep and Restful Sleep

Few things are as important to mental health as deep and restful sleep. Unfortunately for seniors, getting a good night of unbroken sleep can become increasingly challenging as new aches, pains, and nighttime needs rear their heads. A good workout will make it much easier for seniors to nod off and to enter into the deepest levels of sleep. Upon waking up, they’ll feel refreshed, have more energy and be much less prone to mood swings.

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