What about Falls at the Hospital or Rehab Center?

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What about Falls at the Hospital or Rehab Center?

Although local hospitals and Naples post-hospital care and rehabilitation centers prioritize safety, injuries sustained during a fall at these facilities are surprisingly common among the senior population. In many cases, even a minor fall can extend a senior’s stay in the hospital and delay their recovery from an illness or injury. If your loved one is expecting an upcoming hospital stay or is weighing their options regarding the best place to spend their recovery period, here is what you should know about fall prevention for seniors.

Common Causes of Falls

While accidents do happen, many slip and fall situations can be prevented when a senior is aware of the dangers that exist within a hospital setting. Be sure to note these common causes of falls and talk to your loved one about how to prevent a fall before it occurs.

  • Moving around in an unfamiliar setting
  • Increased traffic in a small room
  • Drowsiness or dizziness from medication
  • Pain or stiffness due to a senior’s medical condition
  • Slippery floor surfaces
  • Weakness due to recovery from a surgery or illness

Fall Prevention Strategies

Awareness is the first step toward preventing falls; however, there are several other effective strategies for seniors and their loved ones to consider.

  • Understand medication side effects that could contribute to falling
  • Be informed regarding how a new health condition will affect balance and mobility
  • Wear non-skid socks or slippers when getting out of bed
  • Make sure the recovery room has adequate lighting
  • Create a clear floor path and familiarize the senior with the room
  • Consider in-home care for the recovery period
  • Provide assistive devices such as handrails for stability

The recovery period is one of the most dangerous times for seniors who may begin to push their limits as they begin to feel better. In a hospital setting, seniors are at higher risk for falls due to the unfamiliar environment along with the lingering effects of their illness or injury. When a senior’s health permits, recovering at home with the assistance of a professional Naples caregiver can help to eliminate many of the concerns about falling so that they can focus on regaining their health and well-being.

To learn more about in-home care for recovery and rehabilitation, contact Naples Home Care Assistance at 239-449-4701 and speak with a Care Manager about our tailored post-hospital care plans.


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