Helping Senior Adults Combat Loneliness

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How to Combat Senior Loneliness

There’s growing research to support that when a person is lonely, mental and physical health can be negatively impacted. Unfortunately, a large and growing portion of our population, our seniors, is at the highest risk for loneliness and isolation.

As one of the trusted Naples home care agencies, we wanted to share how important it is for seniors to remain social, enjoying the companionship of friends and family. At minimum, seniors who maintain genuine and close relationships with those around them are better able to combat health issues such as high blood pressure, heart disease and cancer, and can even protect cognitive functioning and learning ability.

Group interaction takes on entirely different contexts than it did 30 years ago. Although daily in-person interaction with others is a great way to maintain social ties, the internet allows seniors of all abilities to get and stay in touch with families and those with mutual interests. There are numerous online message boards and groups for seniors to join, providing them with channels to meet new people, while also keeping the mind active during the day.

Volunteering is another great way to help seniors combat loneliness. After a senior’s adult children have moved out and they’ve begun their retirement years, many seniors feel as they’ve lost their sense of worth or purpose. However, so many seniors have an incredible wealth of talent and knowledge that can still be shared. Whether a senior volunteers at a local hospital, church or school, or becomes involved with a local community project, doing so can help them to share their talents and instill a sense of accomplishment.

Families can also encourage their loved ones to check out the community’s local senior center. Many senior centers have a calendar of events that are packed with activities ranging from computer and art classes to senior socials and exercise groups. Sometimes seniors just need a little push to try something new, so offer to drive or accompany them to the local center and show them your support.

Finally, there’s always checking in with your aging loved one as much as possible. From weekly phone calls to stopping by the house in person, these small gestures can help a senior to feel valued and important. If you live out-of-state or have a work or family schedule that makes regular visits difficult, you can always consider companionship care from a local home care provider. A highly trained and compassionate Naples caregiver can come to your loved ones home and help them with daily activities, share stories and offer a listening ear, and can even accompany them to the local mall, museum or farmer’s market – whatever your loved one wants to do!

For more information about companionship care, reach out to Home Care Assistance of Naples today. We proudly provide hourly and live-in care in Naples and never require any long-term contracts or commitments with our services. Call us today at 239-449-4701 for more information or to schedule a complimentary, in-home consultation.


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