Preventing Depression in Stroke Patients

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Preventing Depression in Stroke Patients

Depression often follows a stroke due to changes that have occurred in the brain. Stroke survivors who have experienced a significant change in their lifestyle may also be prone to feelings of sadness or loss that can transition into depression. Although depression is common among stroke survivors, there are many things that can be done to promote better emotional well-being through the recovery period.

If you provide care for an aging parent or loved one who has recently suffered from a stroke, learn more about professional and specialized stroke care in Naples before you continue reading.

Get Outside

If your aging loved one is not confined to a bed, then getting outside can help to provide a boost of endorphins that can stave off depression. Those who are confined to an indoor area can still benefit from a burst of sunshine by placing them near an open window. Often, just a simple change in scenery can help to lift a person’s mood.

Check Medications

After a stroke, medications may be prescribed to help manage a person’s health. While these medications may be necessary, they may have side effects that include changes in a person’s mood. If a stroke survivor continues to exhibit signs of depression after the initial healing period, then it may be necessary to speak with their medical team about the possibility of medication side effects.

Provide Social Opportunities

Feelings of isolation can contribute to depression, and leaving a senior adult alone to brood will only prolong their recovery. Make sure a senior adult has plenty of social opportunities each day to spend time in conversation and laughter. Telephone calls, drop-in visits by a caregiver and outings around town can all help a stroke survivor keep a positive outlook. If you are unable to visit your aging loved one on a regular basis, consider help from a part-time Naples caregiver who can provide companionship and can also help complete errands such as prescription pick-up and grocery shopping.

Stimulate Interest in a New Hobby

When a stroke survivor loses their ability to do the things they once enjoyed, they can easily fall into depression. If a person’s abilities have changed, help them to find new hobbies that suit their new lifestyle. From looking at books to painting and listening to music, a stimulating hobby can help a person look forward to each new day.

Life after a stroke is challenging for the patient as well as those involved in their care. If you need help managing the care needs of an aging parent or loved one or could use a break from your caregiving responsibilities, learn about the benefits of home care in Naples by contacting a Home Care Assistance Care Manager at 239-449-4701. We are available 24/7, can answer any of your questions about in-home care services and can help you schedule a complimentary in-home consultation.


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