New Blood Tests Predict Alzheimer’s Risk

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New Blood Tests Predict Alzheimer's Risk

As a leading provider of Alzheimer’s care in Naples, we love sharing news about advancements in the field. Recently, new studies regarding Alzheimer’s treatment have led to some exciting discoveries that will benefit current patients as well as future generations of seniors. Among these new research-based findings is a blood test that can be used to predict a healthy person’s risk for developing the disease with significant accuracy. While the current test is still in the research and trial phases, the potential for earlier and less-invasive tests for Alzheimer’s holds promise for more effective prevention and treatment strategies that can improve every senior adult’s chances for a better quality of life.
Current Alzheimer’s tests include PET scans and spinal taps. Unfortunately, these tests are only effective for those who are already in the early stages of the disease, and they can be risky, painful and expensive. The new blood test, however, was able to detect changes in a person’s lipid levels, ultimately predicting who would eventually be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s within a five year period. According to the study, which was published in Nature Medicine, the tests were concluded with 90 percent accuracy. Even more astonishing was the fact that none of the individuals in the study had symptoms of Alzheimer’s at the time their blood was drawn.

Although more research needs to be done regarding the best methods for treatment in those who are at risk, early identification of potential patients could lead to new therapies that begin before cognitive impairment occurs. Additionally, those who know they are at risk for developing Alzheimer’s will have more time to prepare for their future and discuss their plans for things such as finances and long-term senior care with family and friends.

As Alzheimer’s researchers continue to break new ground in treating this progressive and often devastating disease, senior adults and their families can look forward to better outcomes that are the direct result of early diagnosis and treatment.

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